Set in the dramatic landscape of the American West, "The Cowboy of Modern America" paints a detailed story of the individuals comprising a working lifestyle that has historically defined the United States, while exploring the personal narratives of these men and women as they live and work in a manner unknown to most. 

More than a documentary, experience a cinematic portrait of reality, stripping down a culture that has often been misunderstood and parodied in movies, mass media and literature nearly since its inception.

However, there has never been a profession as widely embraced as an actual lifestyle, and it is often difficult to fathom that many aspects of this culture and industry have remained relatively unchanged for the last 150 years. The lack of change is not based solely on tradition; however, it is based upon the fact that specific aspects of the industry continue to make operational sense.

See through the eyes of six professional "big outfit" cowboys in Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado, as they work and experience a continued way of life in modern America. 

This is not just a story of "cowboys", but a story of people with independent ideologies and hopes that relate to every person -  no matter his or her background. It is a historical portrait of where these people are today in this point in time. It is a story of people tied to a land that is ever changing.

production and AESTHETICS

Production is currently taking place across six states in the western United States. Directed by Bud Force and produced by an award-winning production crew in association with Ultrlalite Films, llc, the documentary is being shot in brilliant 4K with the latest technology and resources available. 

The film is a combination of history and education provided by narrative voiceover in conjunction with interviews and on-location audio. "The Cowboy of Modern America" is a highly sensory experience featuring sweeping visuals of the American West, cinematically shot interviews, gritty realistic footage, and a detailed attention to natural sound. 

The documentary ignores traditional stereotypes of the "cowboy legend" and instead focuses on the reality of working ranch cowboys and the industry in a modern world. Harboring no political agenda, "Cowboys of Modern America" serves solely as a portrait of the cowboy lifestyle and historical record of this day and time.