“Cowboys” documentary interview on RFD TV with co-director and cinematographer Bud Force

RFD-TV's "Market Day Report" morning show recently interviewed Bud Force, co-director and cinematographer of the the new feature film documentary "Cowboys."

Told in the cinematic tradition of classic westerns, "Cowboys" is a feature-length documentary that offers the opportunity to ride alongside modern working cowboys on some of America’s largest and most remote cattle ranches. Cowboys documents the lives of the men and women working on horseback to tend large herds of cattle. Narrated through the firsthand accounts from the cowboys themselves, the story is steeped in authenticity and explores the rewards and hardships of a celebrated but misunderstood way of life — along with the challenges that lie ahead for the cowboys and ranches critical to providing the world’s supply of beef.

Filmed on locations across the American West, Cowboys features historic big outfits in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

Cowboys was co-directed and produced by Bud Force and John Langmore.